Friday, 27 July 2012

The Basics Of 3D Printing

3D printing is a very fascinating form of manufacturing technology in my opinion. This technology allows for the creation of virtually anything! This form of manufacturing revolves around CAM, or computer aided manufacturing. This means that if a design can be created on a computer, it can be carried out and manufactured through the system within a 3D printer. Quite a few intricate parts can be designed through 3D software. Very organic curves, shapes, and hollow spaces can come about through this technology. Unlike machining, mold manufacturing, and other traditional forms of manufacturing, 3D printing creates products and pieces layer by layer - one small section at a time. These layers can be as small as 12 microns in some situations. The diameter of a human hair is around the size of 40 microns. That is pretty small!

The levels of detail are huge throughout 3D printing. Sure, there is quite a bit of variation, but some seriously detailed products can come about through 3d printing. Like I mentioned earlier, computer aided manufacturing systems within 3D printers can create models from computer designs, and computer designs can include a wide variety of intricate shapes. This layer by layer process allows for the creation of super intricate, curved, and organic pieces. Hollow spaces, functional parts, and phenomenal pieces like a ball within a ball can come into existence through the technology known as 3D printing.

Another interesting aspect of 3D printing would be the variety of materials that exist within this technology. There are quite a few material types to choose from; in fact, there are over 60! There is usually a specific material or two offered for almost every need in the manufacturing world. For mechanical parts, materials such as stainless steel, titanium, or Inconel exist to help. These metals can hold their own when withstanding heart, and offer great strength. Materials such as full color sandstone offers full color. Some artists have created intricate designs of character models. These models can feature an actual face! 3D scanning has been used to intercept the dimensions of faces and body parts, and 3D printing has been used to replicate these parts.

Precious metals also exist throughout 3D printing. Materials such as gold, platinum, sterling silver, and fine silver exist in this manufacturing world. Wax casting is also used quite a bit throughout the world of 3D printing. This technology essentially involves the creation of highly detailed wax pieces, and these pieces are then used within casting to create jewelry, and small detailed pieces.

Overall, there is quite a bit that 3D printing can do within the manufacturing world. There are tons of possibilities! Like I mentioned earlier, if a model can be created on a computer, it likely can be created on a 3D printer - out of one of over 60 materials!

Easy Way of Business Cards Printing

For those who eagerly want to succeed on their enterprise, you must take time to consider significant factors that could certainly help boost your sales and profits. Every marketing strategy that you will use needs a sufficient budget. If you want to ensure your company's promotion strategy works, then you should apply effective approaches regardless whether they are modern or conventional types. At present, we've seen numerous options or methods to market our products or services; however, we need to be careful in choosing the kinds of techniques that we are going to implement for promotions. Advertisements can be done in so many different forms. Most entrepreneurs today use modern approaches since they find it easy and fast; however, the new techniques, most particularly online marketing seems expensive to obtain.

The majority of companies today are found online. If you manage an online store, you might find it very challenging to promote your shop over the web since you have innumerable and tough competitors. Though nearly most of the traditional methods have gone in the modern marketplace, you will still find printed ad materials so amazing because they have been found to be crucial for the development of industries even today. You may use brochures, magazines, newsletters, flyers, business cards and the like to make your products become well-known. Printing business cards and other print ads online are the most convenient ways for everyone to depend on.

That's also the main reason why the way promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, and the like are printed in advanced methods. Printers today have superior features compared to traditional ones; they perform faster and produce higher quality outputs. In fact, online printing providers accept large quantities of orders from different clients. They are able to accommodate large orders because they use powerful and accurate printers. The printed and the digital version are both useful; however, you must weigh their pros and cons to find out which one works best to be used as your major marketing campaign.

Competitive and outstanding business card printing services are worth spending cash on. You will appreciate their worth once you've seen the desirable changes made to your sales and profits. Indeed, quality doesn't always have to be expensive. Practical solutions are already there, you just have to know where to look for them if you want to have a budget friendly and worthwhile commerce advancement.

Monday, 23 July 2012

The Most Economical Way of Printing

Offset Printing is one of the many techniques used in printing services. In this method, ink is spread on a metal plate, which has etched images. The matter is then transferred to some intermediary surface, like a rubber blanket. This is then applied to paper by pressing the paper against the intermediate surface. Offset printing is mostly used for printing in large volumes. This is a quick method of printing, and requires lesser costs as well. The quality factor is also there for choosing offset printing in place for other printing services. The machines and equipments used in this process are very expensive, and need huge costs to be incurred.

The process involves creating the images and texts on computer, and then the drafts are printed out through a laser printer. After that, it is transferred for offset printing to get the final version. A high resolution paper output or a film is required for the process. This method has many benefits which are not with the other methods. For example, in this, a large number of options for mediums is provided on which the image can be transferred. It can be used on paper, rubber, wood as well as fabric. Other than these, other materials can also be used, like leather and metals.

Offset printing style was widely used for printing postcards. This practice is continued even today. This is the most widely used method of printing followed by printers. Apart from saving cost, it gives quality as well. As compared to other processes, this one is better, since it involves lesser cost. This becomes especially useful when there are large volumes of matter to be printed. For example for printing of newspapers, magazines, stationeries, brochures, books etc. These give excellent printing quality with less cost. As such, this process is highly economical. It also requires very little maintenance. So, the overhead costs are also saved in this type of printing.

These days computer to plate systems are used instead of computer to film workflows. This is done to improve the equality of the matter. It gives consistently high quality as compared to other methods and processes. The images are sharp and clean, and the typing is done more easily than in the letterpress printing. Offset printing is also quick for production of printing plates.

Friday, 20 July 2012

How to Reduce the Brochure Printing Cost?

When it comes to finding the best brochure printing cost, you should search the market for the companies that provide high-quality brochures at the best prices. Promotion materials become the connection between a business and the targeted market. This is why it is important for the materials to be of high quality and professionally made.

Choosing The Provider
The first step for finding the best brochure printing cost is to compare the offers of several providers. You should consider that the bigger the order is, the cheaper the printing cost will be per unit. Massive orders also benefit from additional discounts or services such as free delivery or similar.

Make It Yourself
One way to reduce the costs of your promotion materials is to make them yourself. You can find a great variety of free programs over the Internet. All you have to do is to install them on your system and select the most appropriate theme and template for your business. Be sure to choose images with the resolution of at least 300dpi for great results. Do not forget to keep the design simple, include the company's logo or tagline and choose an easy-to-read font.

Reducing The Printing Cost
Promotion materials usually represent the identity of the business. This is why it is important for them to have a professional look and to express the company's quality standards. If you are printing them yourself, there are a few things to consider when choosing the printer type in order for the brochure printing cost to be reduced. If you want to find a cost-effective printer, you have to decide on the number of brochures. A computer printer or a digital one is perfect for small amounts. However, if you want regional or national coverage, you need to print large quantities. In order to reduce the cost per piece, you need to use an offset printer.

Choosing The Paper
The most commonly used types are 80 lb. and 100 lb. paper. Even if the 100 lb. paper is more expensive, it is recommended because it is heavier and your materials will have a more professional appearance. However, if you have a smaller budget, the 80 lb. paper is also a good choice. You can also opt for a glossy look or a matte finish. The glossy option is recommended if your materials are made using strong colors to prevent smudges. Choosing 80 lb. paper with a glossy finish is perfect in order for the brochure printing cost to stick to your budget and still obtain professional brochures.

What's Importance of Right Business Printing Services?

Traditionally 'stationery' encompasses printed letter heads and office supplies. In today's era, business stationeries have evolved to a whole new level from just a simple printed sheet to innovative business promotional items. If you are still getting your office letter heads printed the old fashion way, you will be out of business in no time. Business printing is one commercialized arena and you have to play your part as well.


Any business correspondence has to look professional. And that is the first reason as to why you need well designed printed stationery. Your stationeries talk for themselves.
Legal aspect of your stationeries is that it should have your company's address, TIN or DIN and VAT number, etc.
Your innovation with the designing can attract more customers towards your services.


While choosing your stationeries, make sure they are consistent with what you want to project yourself as. Also, use similar materials in all the kinds of stationeries being used so that it becomes an identity your customers can recognize you with.

There are various types of papers and textures to choose from. Following points are to be kept in mind while designing:

Each stationery should have your company logo, name, contact number, e-mail and should be pleasing to look at.
Match the palette of colors used. Do not be way too erratic with colors. Stick to similar colors. Remember you are not just designing a paper, but your personal mark with people.
Paper's stock can be thicker but correspondingly the cost will increase too. But it makes sense to pay a little more when you will get greater return later from this move.

Types of Stationery

In a business you will be in need of more than just printed sheets. This is what you will have to look into when shopping for types of different stationeries for your business.

A4 or legal paper. This will be your face. Design it well and make sure it is innovative, stands out and is not gaudy.
Envelopes. Envelopes are going to go into trash. So cut down a bit here but maintain the minimum quality required. Include logo and company's name.
Complimentary notes. These are nice gestures. They are also a mark of acknowledgement. So it can be crisp and with a general template that can suit all your clients and customers.
Receipts and invoice. Purchase orders, bills and invoices need to be clear in content with contact numbers and e-mail ids if somebody needs clarification.


You can design your stationery with the help of various online services being offered at low rates for bulk printing. You can hire a designer to work with.
Expand your business through innovative business stationeries. Get professional help now. Print your own snazzy yet business-ideal supplies to grab the market.

Monday, 16 July 2012

How You Can Look For The Best Catalog Printer?

There are possibly lots of printers out there and all of these printers have assurance of their own, especially when it comes to the quality of products and services that they more often than not offer. It is necessary for you to be always careful in selecting whom you will trust. Always keep in mind that full color catalogs must always have a great quality for it to impress all clients. Thus, it is a must for you to select a printer that can provide you with only top-notch results. Along with that, it is necessary for you to also think of your business budget. Avoid falling for the trap of low prices, as there is a large chance that these printers cannot provide you with the best quality. To further improve your know how about these things, below are some of the tips and ideas that you can keep in mind when selecting a printer for your business.

It is necessary for you to keep in mind whether you would like all your orders to be sent to you or you want to pick the results on your own. For the latter, it is necessary for you to keep in mind the area of the printer. It is convenient if you will pick up the products on your own. On the other hand, it is a must for you to know about all the regulations of a printer especially when it comes to shipping and distribution. Taxes, shipping prices and the days it will more often than not take to have your orders delivered. There are just among the considerations that you must always remember.

A great choice for a printer is one that can more often than not provide you wide range of product and service choices as well as a number of given alternatives. Always make sure to see how many stock alternatives these printers have for full color catalog printing, how many custom alternatives will be allowed and what dimensions are readily available. It must always cover all your printing needs without the need to invest most of your business budget.

Aditya Malhotra is a writer for a marketing company in India. Mostly into marketing research, Aditya started writing articles early 2011 to impart her knowledge to individuals new to the marketing industry.

Standard Brochure Printing Formats

A glossy full-color brochure, sell sheet or flyer is a sure-fire way to showcase your business or product. Brochures can be used to build an image for your company, promote an event, update product spec's, or for a hundred other purposes. In the Internet Age, professional printing of a 4-color glossy brochure helps distinguish "real" companies from "wannabe's." See "How to Write a Super Brochure" for some tips. Don't go through the hassle and expense of printing thousands of labels, applying them to your brochure, and hauling them all to the post office. Leave it to us. We can mail your brochures directly to your customers and prospects. Plus, we will take care of all the details, saving you time, money and frustration. We offer bulk or first class mail choices, as well as customized mailing lists, targeted to who you need to reach.

Brochures come in four standard sizes, 8-1/2 x 11, 8-1/2 x 14, 11 x 17 and 11 x 25-1/2. An unfolded 8-1/2 x 11 is often used as a flyer, product or sell sheet, or tri-folded for a company brochure. Many companies use an 11x17 brochure, folded in half, as an economical product catalog. While our four standard sizes are very popular and cover almost any brochure printing project, you are really only limited by your imagination.

We can assist you in creating almost any custom brochure no matter the size, folds, and finishes. If you are looking for a custom printed brochure, we can provide a variety of finishing options including die cutting, foil stamping, embossing and custom folds - just give us a call and we will let you know how to proceed for the best finished product.

All brochure and flyer printing comes with 4-color printing on the front. The second side can be ordered also with CMYK 4-color process, or with black ink or blank. Pantone or metallic inks can also be used on request. Plus, we provide free aqueous coating and offer UV coating on our gloss papers. Aqueous coating adds scuff-resistance, extra sheen and helps protect the piece in the mail. Gloss UV coating adds an ultra-shiny and protective finish for a "rich," high-end look and feel.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Tips for Successful Book Printing

Successful Book Printing
Books are our partner in all stages of life. Some people like books so much that they spend hours and hours reading. In the books, not only is the content that matters, the outer cover and the printing of the book also play an important role in achieving the same praise.

To print and take a fascinating look at their raw pages, there are so many companies worldwide that offer world class service. You can get your book printed by them at affordable prices. But the whole process needs some precautions to follow to be successful. Here we will give you some useful tips for printing books.

1. Do extensive research on the internet to find a reliable source of publication. This is very important. If you are looking for, find different companies have different rates. Go for the one that suits your budget, but never compromising quality.

2. Once with his publisher and printer, decide on the size of the first book. There are various sizes available, such as manuals, handbooks, etc. Choose the mass market size increases the attractiveness of the book.

3. The printer will ask about the type of printing you want for your pages. He will give you different options such as offset lithography and digital. You can choose one that suits your budget.

4. Check the quality of work as most of the printer of the book trying to make money at this time. Ask them to use good quality paper for printing.

5. Formatting is again an important part of the print. It makes the books attractive and fascinating. Sometimes, some rare space in the correct margins, foreign sources can spoil your appearance. So be careful when you choose different formatting styles.

6. Now comes the part of union that will give the book its full form. There can be no other union, such as spiral booklet, stapled, perfect, comb, on the flat and more binding. Choose according to your preference and budget.

7. Go to print on demand services that make the printer print copies only when ordered by the customer. You do not have to get their books printed in large numbers unnecessarily. This helps save money and time.

8. Even after everything is finalized in front of you, you should request a sample copy before printing the entire order. This is because sometimes looking at the sample copy you can click on some new ideas to make it better and more attractive.

Monday, 9 July 2012

The Benefits of Commercial Printing Services

Benefits of  Printing Services

Printing is one of the most essential functions of a company. It is one of the foremost steps towards brand management. Imagine that you go out shopping. And you are just you, an ordinary customer, not a businessman. You will obviously pick the products that have the cleanest and best labels. The print should be absolutely perfect; else you will feel that the company is a substandard or a fake company. Good printing is also important when it comes to the company's stationery. You would obviously have a good impression about a company when the marketing manager gives you a very beautifully printed business card.

 It should be clear, concise and attractive. It must not be very gaudy or loud at the same time. This is exactly why good printing solutions are required by every company.

Commercial printing services

When you hire managed print services to take care of your printing needs, you are making an extremely good strategic decision. If you are a company that specialises in retailing, you will need to focus all your energies to ensure that the goods that will be displayed on your company's retail stores have to be of the best quality and so on. You would also launch some special offers during festive seasons, and may probably choose to inform people about this by handing out fliers. But you not really want to have dedicated resources, or really high technology printing equipment for this purpose. It feels like a mindless expenditure. This is the exact advantage that you get from companies that provide business print services.

Cost benefits

These companies give you an extremely cheap and competitive price that helps you cut down your costs drastically. Since their core function is to provide print managed services to various companies, they will invest in the most cutting edge technology and tools that help them print high quality stationery, banners, posters, and so on, and that too in highly customised forms. You just have to tell them what you need, and they will deliver it to you, within no time. You find that you are able to gain a lot more in terms of intangible factors like time and resources. You as a company will be able to focus all your energies into providing your customers the services that you are actually good at, rather than dabbling in things that are not really your company's greatest strengths.

Quality advantage

Business printing services like this are extremely beneficial even in terms of quality. With their sophisticated equipment, it will finally be possible for you to develop banners for marketing that are extremely attractive, and are not in the usual conventional shapes and colours that bore customers. Your banners instead will be looked at with great interest, because of the skilled work that has been put into making them look much more attractive. You can also gain a lot of sales in this manner. Your return on investment in marketing will increase rapidly.

Create Spectacular Art on Your Windows Stickers

I have always believed that something to start somewhere, you must finish first, but I know the fact it is very easy to start something new with the novel idea but in reality is a difficult task to achieve. On the way to start and work with a new idea, we find it difficult to make our idea pop up everywhere, but consistent and just focused on the realization that one is the only key to achieve the objective. Your selected job can be about anything, anywhere, anytime, in any way.

To establish a strong business community, advertising and reputation, or even desired to get a hold in a specific area of ​​the market for your product, and have no idea to start can be very distracting for you, but it is not difficult find the right balance for this new thing. But to build a strong business community, small promotional items can give a big hand, yes, I'm talking about stickers. Stickers of any kind of marketing have a huge impact on product sales.

Now in the recent world trade competition when it is not only to capture the age and gain more and more, every business owner is busy to unearth new business promotion and marketing techniques and strategies that ensure that whatever he earn as little as possible and more as could be, everyone wants to get more benefits and cheaper tools for promotion and marketing. Stickers and car stickers are still the most important print elements among the most affordable marketing tools.

Being a planner marketing business successfully I can confidently say these labels are backed up flights of advertising media, most of us know very well with this category of stickers you know how you can achieve a total promotional benefits to the car bumper stickers as you can give different types of lines of advocacy and appointments, speak out against and in favor of any political party, share your thoughts with people and many more that can enter and display their defenses.

Similarly for improving the presentation of their vehicles that you can paste stickers on car windows and bumpers. Print and create a new design of bumper cars to show their message window by grabbing more attention, which can increase your chance to reach more eyes to read your message and expand its business community. Identify the product with its distinctive brand name, and make it more attractive, custom printing services that are achievable by professional printers

So the task of advertising, advertising and sharing can be done easily by having an artistic work of the sticker on the car window, door, bumper cars, or any surface you want to stick. Anyone can start with these small but effective things to promote more to see and this is the most motivation to achieve success in all these matters. However, in terms of printing custom labels for any purpose that you should take special care for the content that you will write on these labels, these taxes or content must be accurate according to your business.

Can Multifunctional Copiers or Printers be Infected

My first thought was….. this is AWESOME!

Finally all of those tree huggers than complain about the world’s most re-usable resource (paper) may be affected by this new malware infection.  My second thought was, how can I get a hold of this and get this malware to all those rotten people out there that have hung up on me, not called me back (ever), or went with a cheap price!  Can we all remember this one, “the thought of a cheap price is long forgotten after poor service.

This also reminds me of the early days of faxing; this is when all plain paper/thermal fax machines were using roll paper.  Guys in the office would send an endless fax to a business that either ticked them off.  The trick was to take and original document, place it in the feeder of the fax machine and then roll the original and the tape the end of the sheet of paper to the front.  The result is that you would have a rolled original document that would be an endless loop.  You would then dial the fax number, press the start key and the document would be set to endless scan.  The result on the receiving machine is that it would continue to print until the roll of paper ran out!  I can remember that some of the paper rolls lengths were 500 feet.  Can you im agine walking in the office in the AM and seeing 500 feet of fax paper all over the floor, or sitting at your desk and just seeing the fax keep printing for hours!

Luckily there was no caller ID then, and one of our guys in the office got caught because he forgot to clear out the sender TTI, this actually told the customer where the document was being transmitted from.  It was not the professional thing to do, however some customers did deserve payback!
With this current malware named Trojan.Milicenso, the infected PC will print out pages of garbled data to the connected printer.  The article I read also indicated that this virus was most prevalent in the US, Europe and India.

The Multiplicity of Prints in Everyday Life

Next time you lay your hands on a printed material, inspect it carefully. As much as prints communicate through its content and design, it also reveals more about the kind of printing and printing services it went through.

A lot of effort and skill goes into every printed product. From your daily newspaper to the posters you normally see on stores, many of these are products of extensive printing processes.

Consequently, it is through various printing services that take extra care to print volumes of publications, labels and other print media used in a broad range of fields.

Printing silently continues to operate among industries and in our everyday lives where it performs multiple roles and functions. You can easily take full advantage of printing to duly help you and your businesses thrive.

Prints are commonly used to give you the necessary business documents, advertisements and marketing materials, promotional items that you need. Prints even serve you not just as another business expense but an investment that can greatly reward you with huge returns.