Monday, 23 July 2012

The Most Economical Way of Printing

Offset Printing is one of the many techniques used in printing services. In this method, ink is spread on a metal plate, which has etched images. The matter is then transferred to some intermediary surface, like a rubber blanket. This is then applied to paper by pressing the paper against the intermediate surface. Offset printing is mostly used for printing in large volumes. This is a quick method of printing, and requires lesser costs as well. The quality factor is also there for choosing offset printing in place for other printing services. The machines and equipments used in this process are very expensive, and need huge costs to be incurred.

The process involves creating the images and texts on computer, and then the drafts are printed out through a laser printer. After that, it is transferred for offset printing to get the final version. A high resolution paper output or a film is required for the process. This method has many benefits which are not with the other methods. For example, in this, a large number of options for mediums is provided on which the image can be transferred. It can be used on paper, rubber, wood as well as fabric. Other than these, other materials can also be used, like leather and metals.

Offset printing style was widely used for printing postcards. This practice is continued even today. This is the most widely used method of printing followed by printers. Apart from saving cost, it gives quality as well. As compared to other processes, this one is better, since it involves lesser cost. This becomes especially useful when there are large volumes of matter to be printed. For example for printing of newspapers, magazines, stationeries, brochures, books etc. These give excellent printing quality with less cost. As such, this process is highly economical. It also requires very little maintenance. So, the overhead costs are also saved in this type of printing.

These days computer to plate systems are used instead of computer to film workflows. This is done to improve the equality of the matter. It gives consistently high quality as compared to other methods and processes. The images are sharp and clean, and the typing is done more easily than in the letterpress printing. Offset printing is also quick for production of printing plates.

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