Saturday, 1 September 2012

Affordable Leaflet Printing Services

Leaflet Printing

Leaflets are similar to flyers but are generally produced using thinner paper. We offer high quality 130gsm Gloss and 170gsm Gloss finishes for our leaflet printing services. Using high end CTP technology we are able to provide leaflet turnaround times from as little as 24 hours! Not only is our leaflet printing efficient, but we’re proud to report that we always remain environmentally friendly. We offer a wide range of sizes and quantities for leaflet printing, ranging from A6 to A3 sizes and are able to print anywhere between 25 and 100000 leaflets.

Why Choose Leaflet Printing?

Leaflet printing is a great way of capturing the attention of potential customers. Leaflets are notoriously popular for companies such as restaurants, direct mail companies, nightclubs and tradesman. Leaflets can be left in public places such as coffee shops and reception areas, delivered through letter boxes or hand delivered to people in the street. Our high quality cheap leaflet printing services will ensure you’re potentially able to attract and inform customers of your service or brand within just 24 hours of ordering! Leaflet printing is an affordable alternative brochure printing and provides a great platform for detailed and eye catching information deliverable directly to your target market.

Leaflet Printing Tips

  1. Review your target audience. Look at other leaflets that you find appealing, assess the formula and phrases within their text and apply their approach to your own.
  2. Proof read your documents and get others to proof read them too. There’s nothing worse than sending out a beautifully finished leaflet with a spelling mistake or incorrect telephone number!
  3. Choose your headline and front page picture carefully. Research suggests that the top 3 inches of your leaflet are the most important area, as it’s where potential customers will first view your leaflet it is placed within a leaflet stand. An eye catching image or strong headline could make or break whether someone picks up your leaflet.

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