Friday, 21 September 2012

Various Booklet Printing Tips for Beginners

Booklet Printing
An information-rich booklet printing will be a great way to get them interested in your business. The booklet does not have to be complex. Even simple tips or how-to articles will already be ideal. It is important that the cover is interesting and eye-catching enough to capture people's attention. It should be designed creatively and uniquely but still consistent with the look and appeal of the rest of your marketing materials. Your logo and contact details have to be present on your material. These important details should be kept updated all the time. If you can find a printing company that will help print without costing an arm and a leg, all the better.

You need to determine the type of printing you need. Will you need digital printing? Are you going to need a large number of copies? Which do you prefer online or offline printing? All these details will help you find the perfect print shop that will fit your need.

You have to consider your design. Would you go for templates or create your own custom design? If you will use templates, make sure that it is appropriate to your business. You have to ensure that you can still put your logo and other relevant details on the template. If you opt for a custom design, you have to check what kind of file format the printer accepts and whether they accept custom designs. If you intend to create a customized one, you had better look for a printer that accepts custom files from the start.

Check the kind of paper the printer uses. It is important that the paper is thick and high quality so it will look impressive and credible. Never use flimsy paper if you do not want people to see you as an unreliable business. Check also the finishing options provided by the printer. Go for UV coating to keep the durability of your material.

The printer should give you free sample of your material. Before final printing, you have to check on the final look of the material. Check for the errors and changes that need to be done. If you order online, you might want to ask for an electronic or hard copy proof. Never agree to print your material without checking it. This will help you save money for reprints in the future.

Ask the printer for the discounts they provide. Most printing companies offer bulk discounts. Others provide coupons, which will help you, cut back on the printing cost. Whichever discount is available to your printer, avail of it to cut back on printing cost. However, make sure you have the right choices in availing of the discounts especially the bulk printing discount. If you do not need many cheap booklets, there is no reason for you to print in bulk.

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