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MeraPrint Offer Leaflet Printing at Cheap Prices is an online printing company supplying high quality print at cheap prices. It’s a mere mirror of your efforts that you work upon us. Along side our cheap leaflets and cheap flyers we offer a wide variety of business stationery including brochures, business cards, postcards etc. Our flyer printing is produced on state of the art machinery which ensures high quality printing every time. It has always been an honor to serve the people around the globe by our printing services in all formats.

Our flyer printing services are ideal for helping your company generate a “real world” marketing presence, and come up as a better leader. Using flyers to raise awareness of your site and your products can be one of the most direct and cost effective ways to market your business.

At MeraPrint, we offer standard and special printing services. Our flyer printing services are as flexible as you need them to be and work purely upon your needs and desires. Specify size, number of colors and one or two sided and we’ll give you an assurance of your work. All flyer printing is environmentally friendly where possible, so as to create minimum wastage for you.

Check out our “design pricings” section for all the specifications and dimensions you need. If you would like any assistance with the creation of your flyers, please feel free to ask our executives. Our customer services department will be happy to help you at Talk to our friendly and helpful customer services department about the right kind of printing for your flyer needs. Our support staff is always there for you and wants you to progress every instance.

We provide friendly and cheap leaflet printing services. Choose the size and finish of your leaflet and the number of colors you’d like to display. We can offer full color printing as well as a number of specialty options. Everything depends upon your judgment, which leads us forward.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Choosing Online Printing Service over traditional ones

Today, we have a variety of printing services in the market. There are so many different types of printing services in market today. Like print-on-demands, digital printing or online press. These services have become a very supportive feature for companies it is more like an ultimate solution for printing documents, brochures, business cards and more.

These online services turn your ideas or notions into a professional document, marketing materials and much more. These services helps you to prepare your documents for printing whether you do it yourself or seek help of a professional or just upload some design. These online services also offer a variety of cardstock and paper choices for your documents, binding and other finishing options with high quality printing.

Online printing is one of the best ways to get professional printing done on variety of documents with custom options and very fast shipping. UPprinting, FedEX office and Next Day Flyers are the finest online printing services present in the market. They provide you with the flexible solutions with professional quality printing. On the sites of these online services you will find many articles and reviews related to their services which will help you to choose the right online service.

What to Look For in an online printing services?

Look for the online printing service which is flexible with their delivery options. If you want your documents early so they should be able to ship it overnight or make it available in the local store in few hours for you to pick them up.

There are over 3 million printing sites online. They may have similar prices or equipments but not all are alike. So, how do you choose the online printing service which is right for you? There are few points that you need to keep in mind while looking for such services like delivery speed, selection, price, site usability and quality printing.

Easy to use

These online printing services sites are user friendly. If they are tricky to use then it is possible that you might look for some other services. The built in design tools, uploading your design, ordering or any other feature all are very simple and easy to use. The ordering process is also very quick and easily done it is mostly a step by step process.

Design options

Choose the online service which provides you with many design features which are easy to use and straightforward. The best service would be the one which offers you many design templates and pre-made designs which you can use. The best feature to look out for is the preview of your document/design. So that you’ll know what will you be getting and how it will look after it gets printed.

Finishing options

After finalizing your beautiful design, don’t ruin the essence of it by opting for the cheapest paper and plain finishing. Remember! Why you chose this online printing service, to get high and professional quality. These online services offer many finishing options with colors like glossy coating, lamination, UV coating. You may find options of binding, hole punching, cutting and more.

Quality printing service

The main reason to choose online printing is the quality of the prints. If the final product looks bad as if you printed it at home then it is a total waste of money and time, but don’t worry! The online services reviewed here have consistent performance and offer excellent finish, rich colors, finest cutting/folding and overall top quality.

Delivery options

Most of the services take the delivering services of FedEX, UPS or USPS. Some of the online printing services have direct mailing services also to help you sending the documents directly to your customers. Many services offer the overnight delivery options, but that this only after the printer turnaround time which is at least a day.

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Top Five Business Card Printing Companies in India

Do you want to expand your business with professional networking? Well, business card servers as a perfect option. But are you having a hard time because company won’t pay to print them and have to work for yourself? Or you want a complete control over what should be written on your card? Do not worry over any of these as today a plenty of great sites have come up with high quality customizable printing.

Earlier in the week we asked you which business card printing sites you thought were the best. You responded with some great nominees, all of which offer custom design tools, quality cards, and decent prices, but we only have room for the top five:

Previously on this week we had asked you to put your vote on the business card printing sites you thought were the best. We sorted a few nominees in reference to custom design tools, quality cards and decent prices.

The poll is now closed and the votes are counted! Continue reading further to check the winner. We have listed the top five:

PrintWeekIndia tops your favorite list because of its high quality cards, different card stocks, various designs, decent pricing and a great deal of business card selection. offers mini cards along with full-sized business cards. You are also allowed to design your own card with the help of its user friendly web applications. It also let you tweak and customize the front and the back of your card with any text, image or design you choose. You can also include different photos or designs on each card. These are ideal for photographers to show off their work. There are also provisions for UV business card at your demand. PrintweekIndia also offer fast printing and shipping advantages. They do not watermark your cards, not even on the free ones.

MeraPrint occupies the second position in the list. It is an affordable option when it comes to multiple card size, stock, and paper options. This service strictly prints business cards and not photo or designer cards. MeraPrint is mainly known because of its provision of providing access to designer or want simple, elegant and clean business cards with more of a traditional look. But if you are looking for something fancy and special, also offers a number of cuts, shapes and colors at cheap prices. It is famous in the market because of their fast turnaround and quick shipping.


The third in the list is GotPrint. It is specialized in all kinds of mass printing and not just business cards. They provide options on uploading your own design; you may also use their wizard or choose from pre-defined templates. A few customization options are also available. GotPrint are known in the market for its fast, easy and affordable printing service. You always get your order in time without breaking the bank in the process. They may not be a good option for printing fancy designer cards but they certainly are the best option for printing traditional looking business cards in large quantities without spending a lot.

Moo earned its place with many of you for great, high quality cards and card stock, tons of designs (and the ability to customize or make your own), decent pricing, and plenty of deals with services like and Facebook for free business cards. Moo offers mini cards and full-sized business cards, and you can design your cards through a great webapp that lets you tweak and customize the front and the back with virtually any text, image, or design you choose. If you choose, you can even customize your card order to include different photos or designs on each card, ideal for photographers looking to show off their work. You can even get NFC business cards if you want. It doesn't hurt that Moo reps are always a phone call away, and their printing and shipping are remarkably fast. Plus, they don't always watermark your cards—even when you get free ones.

VistaPrint's doesn't offer the same customization tools that some of the other competitors do, but their biggest benefit is their price. The company was one of the first to offer super-affordable business card printing for individuals who just wanted their own cards for themselves or their businesses, usually tossing 250-500 free cards to any new customer who signs up. Even now a quick Google search will turn up deals where you can get free cards as long as you pay shipping. Alternatively, other codes will shave a hefty amount off of your order or give you free shipping. You usually have to choose from predetermined designs and layouts and deal with a VistaPrint watermark on the back of your card unless you're willing to pay, but if cost is king and free is your favorite flavor, VistaPrint is where it's at.

Thursday, 25 July 2013 Best rated online Printing Service in India

PrintweekIndia is an online printing service in India that has been rated as the best printing service provider at a recent poll. They have been known to make printing ordering easy by providing the right resource, information and options needed. Their priority is to ensure that their clients receive printed products that meet the highest standards of printing. The printing material reflects their corporate or personal identity. They have appointed highly experienced printing specialists and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that each order receive the attention and quality processes that is required for every top printing results – irrespective of the quantity. gives the best service at a reasonable price with perfection and in short duration.

Printing is the final step to a finished project – and the source of many costly mistakes. PrintweekIndia has achieved the highest rating in terms of Printing Quality, Price & Shipping Costs, Ease of Use and Customer Support. Below we have emphasized on a few:

Wonderful quality at your service

Well, there are a couple of factors that one has to take into consideration when determining the quality of service of an online printing company. Shipping is definitely one of them. Therefore, make sure that the company you choose has defined processing and shipping timelines which can meet your deadlines with efficiency. Apart for ship, another important factor is the print paper quality. With PrintweekIndia you do not have to worry about any of these. It also provides doubled sized printing and sorts them with professional handling.

The user friendly service

PrintweekIndia makes online printing easy. It uses simple, straight forward system for you to submit your orders. It offers features like instant online quotes calculator – where you will instantly get price quotations depending on the number and quality of prints you need.

Highly equipped Infrastructure

They use advanced Offset Printing and Digital Printing machinery to provide world class quality service to their clients. They have the urge to always stay ahead in competition. This goal is made achievable by their persistent efforts in offering internationally acclaimed standards of quality and service to potential clients. They regularly keep on updating the infrastructure and adding POP Products, so that their clients keep on enjoying new and different business every time.

Customer Service

The customer support provided is fast with different options on contacting them. They have quick turnaround times as such as 24 to 48 hours.

Have a check on these factors. We are sure that PrintweekIndia will suit your business and fulfill all your personal needs.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Calendars Printing Ideas to Improve Brand Recognition

Calendars printing have been an effective and useful marketing strategy since time immemorial. Promotional calendars are found in any nook and cranny endorsing all kinds of brands. These calendars vary in themes and designs, most of which fit your clients' taste or needs.

Most of the time too, however, anything that is free is considered as good. This is the pull of calendars towards your clients or consumers. And calendars are just as handy almost anytime of the year.

Calendars printing accommodates hundreds of campaigns as it can effectively endorse any product, any market. Promotional calendars printing is simply one of today's most brilliant marketing inventions.

When Should You Go For Calendars Printing?
Calendars printing holds plenty of advantages for your marketing needs. If you truly want to imprint brand recognition to you clients for a whole year-long, then there's no doubt that you need calendars printing.

Improve Brand Identity
Many companies have become distinguished for their calendars printing. The style, the content and the colors of the calendars have helped boost the popularity of many merchandise. Through this, brands became more famous and essentially, their calendars a must item.

Enhance Visibility
Consider your calendar printing not just as a promotional material but an advertising material wherein you get to advertise your product for a whole year. The length of your product's exposure can only help further the familiarity of your clients to your products and services.

A Truly Prosperous Year
Calendars, as give away items, gives you unlimited exposure as long as your clients use them and puts them on display. This exposure is essential in instilling your brand essence and identity. So continue to motivate them through your calendars and make your clients more loyal than ever.

Calendar Printing Tips
It is therefore only logical that if you want to promote your products or services, it is quite practical and logical to engage in promotional calendars printing. After all, it can be used for every kind of trade. Now, while calendars can be anyone's promotional tool, the difference is in how you execute it.

Follow these simple ideas and let you and your calendars become more recognizable.

1. A proper and unique theme should be established throughout the calendar. While showcasing your products may be practical, selling a concept or idea about your calendars is better.

2. Remember, your target audience is your priority. It is not about what you like, but what your patrons and market will truly keep and use.

3. Print calendars with coupons for each time of the year and you'll be sure to have a steady stream of interested clients who would take on the opportunity to save, get a discount, or whatever it is you can offer for each month on the calendar.

4. Since the decision to buy is not always immediate, promotions and marketing strategies such as calendars printing must be used to duly influence clients. To this, always incorporate your brand or products in the design, which can be conspicuous or not.

5. Increase product awareness by increasing too the number of your calendar prints. This way, you can have more room to address your clients' needs and they can gain more product awareness.

For calendars printing to work for any kind of trade or product, the material should always be sophisticated. Large calendars too are more prominent and the space can house a very visually stimulating and colorful subject. Make calendars that would engage your readers all throughout the year and you can enjoy a full year ahead.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Use of Door Hangers Printing as a tool in Marketing

Hangers are usually seen to be used by people living in flats or as a code for promotion of a product by a business venture or an individual. And then serving the promotional purpose it also adds on to the image building process of the product. One can see them in hotel rooms, flats and other potential places.

For Entrance Decoration Purposes

Decorating doorway printing comes with a lot of options like, different dimensions, forms and color variability. Many printing companies provide extra options in addition to the mentioned. These include dissimilar shade prototype, sunglasses and a wide range of humored content and pictures. The reason behind such creativity is to draw attention and incentives and bring bubbles in the mind of anyone who passes it. The sickly and depressed are to be taken care of everyday. For such cases fascinating and lively print door hangers can be used in places like hotels, homes, motels and flats in the entrance or door room points.

Interruption Prevention Capability

These creative printing items help in other ways too. For example, if you are in a meeting and do not want to be interrupted or disturbed, you can use door hangers to inform people without actually having to say a word. These are superb ways of communication which never fails. Use calm and understanding words on the door hanger so that people can abide by with the considerate effort on your part. Again, you must also keep in mind the aged and the sick people who may not understand your door hanger. You can always use imaginative prints in this context.

Use of Door Hangers as Reminder

Door hanger printing also has different functions. You can use them as remainder as well. You can let the residents know about important issues, planning and conduct by printing them in a way that will be effective and hanging it to door knobs. You can also use them during emergencies like during a fire breakout. Since it will be on the door knob one can never not overlook it.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Onset of Digital Vinyl Banner Printing

Is your business customer-oriented? will it speak of your company identity? will it provide the shoppers the proper services and product they very need? If you're thinking that your business still wants slightly push to effectively build it to the height of success, then you ought to elect vinyl banners for your promotional campaign.

Vinyl Banner Printing

Vinyl banners square measure proved  promotional tools that provide boost to your crusade. they're being employed by most business persons today for the explanation that they will greatly improve the profitableness of your business. basically printing corporations UN agency concentrate on banner printing services square measure capable of printing enticing vinyl banners which will be used for semipermanent displays. sometimes the banners being written by these corporations might take the shape of gloss, matte or textile. alternative printing choices of vinyl banners embody ready-made templates that square measure suited to varied occasions.

With digital technology, printing the vinyl banners has become easier and quicker. In fact, the tactic used for the assembly of attention-grabbing vinyl banners is named digital vinyl banner printing. Digital vinyl banner printing is used to form professionally designed banners that you just will use for trade exhibition displays, promotions, sports, and alternative special events.

For this reason, several business enterprises square measure choosing digital printing to accommodate their banner printing wants. Digital production of your vinyl banners may mean nice return-on-investments to you. Digital printing of vinyl banners may be a terribly economical method within the sense that you just will acquire prime quality printed banners during a faster turnaround with lower set-up prices. you may assume that it's not possible. however you are undoubtedly wrong. Digital printing has provided Brobdingnagian solutions for you to get hands on with effective tools to reinforce your business profitable.

If you require short runs or on demand prints, digital vinyl banner printing is that the answer to all or any your dilemmas. you'll even print your banners on completely different substrates and re-customize your print-ready files. this will all be achieved with none problem in the slightest degree.

What a much better thanks to rouse life your vinyl banners! Low price production and quick access to exceptional banner styles is what digital vinyl banner printing is all regarding.

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Business Card Printing: Does Your Business Needs It?

Business cards printing have become essential part for any business. Even with the presence of modern communication tools, business cards are still very popular and essential communication tool to brand your company's image to your prospective clients. For printing business cards, you have to consider several factors to arrive at the best deal and outcome.

Quality business cards printing mirror the image of your organization or business. This printing service involves the process of printing your name, company's name, details of contact, etc. Cheap business card bears professional information regarding the company or organization.

Users can also opt for online business cards printing which will save much of your time. Within few minutes, you can order online and that too without leaving the place where you are. Also from the financial perspective, the costs will also reduce.

Letterheads printing are the essential part of business communication and contribute to the company's image. You can print letterheads in your desired size. Adding unique factors to your letterheads will add professional touch and also give attractive appearance to it.

With this printing service, letterheads can be created in a unique and creative manner. With professional as well as impressive letterheads you can brand the image of your company in a better way. This service plays vital role in creating positive image of the organization. The information on the letterheads comprise of company's name, logo, address, contact details and E-mail address.

Printing services includes all kinds of efforts which satiate all the printing requirements. This service saves time and effort. This service not only produces immediate results but also provides innovative printing solutions for user's needs. Nowadays online printing services are also getting popular. This method is quick, simple and effective too. You can order from any part of the world.

Compliment slips printing are generally used by professionals and business personnel. You can impress your clients with effective compliment slips printing. It is the prerequisite for all the business organizations who want to establish perfect communication and relation with their prospective clients. Also you can order online which will save much of your time and efforts too.

Compliment slips are the greatest way to express your gratitude or to say "thank you" to your prospective clients or business associates. With the help of effective compliment slips printing, users can also ensure that their products and brand gets promoted in an effective way.

To refer to any information regarding business cards printing, letterheads printing, printing services and compliment slips printing users can surf various websites and online portals on internet.

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Usability of Business Cards

Newsletter Printing: Having Your Newsletter Printed Online

Newsletters are a means of communication between a company and its employees, clients, patrons and customers. These are periodically printed updates about products, events and other news about your company. This is a good means of increasing your market exposure. By regularly reminding your market of your presence, you give an impression of consistency and stability.

Regular communication builds consumer-producer intimacy. It helps build trust and improves customer relations. By regularly promoting your products, the improvements and updating customers of your services, you give them a sense of reliability. This makes your market more aware of your brand. This is called brand awareness. Brand awareness is a good form of publicity because it attracts more attention and increases the number of your potential clients.

Certain things should be taken into consideration when designing a newsletter. Since this will be distributed on a regular basis, it is best if the newsletter's appearance remain consistent. The design should be simple and easy to remember. Think about the articles and the content should be worth reading. The headlines of these articles should also be attention catching. Now, the layout of the newspaper should have a flow. Consider where you are going to place the articles and the ads. Take into consideration that people will read your articles depending on their positions in the newsletter.

Newsletters wouldn't be complete without photographs or your latest offerings. Newsletters look best in full color, but some prefer a simpler, duo tone design. The photographs, whether black and white or in full color should be of good quality. Include captions mentioning a few things about the photographs. Placement of the photographs should be done carefully. This shouldn't be done randomly. Strategic placement helps improve the overall look of your newsletter.

The fonts and sizes of your characters and text is also important. Limit the fonts to two at a time. Having too many typefaces on one page will make the newsletter look cluttered. Choose fonts that make the newsletter look official and professional.

Colors should also be chosen well. Choose if you want your newsletter in full color or black and white. Make sure the color combinations you use when full color printing complement the content of the magazine. Colors should be bold and confident but not irritating and mismatched.

Newsletter printing is a cinch. It is better if you choose a professional printing company rather than doing the printing yourself. Make sure that your prints are of good quality. Hiring professionals to do the job will lessen the chances of committing errors. There are many online printing companies that would more than welcome your printing projects. Now that technological advancements have paved the way to easier internet access, you can send your files directly to the printing company and they will take care of it for you from the editing stage up to the finish. Another good thing about hiring online printers to print newsletter is that they offer lower prices compared to local printers. They deliver your orders quicker too.

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Helpful Information For Hardcover Book Printing

Hardcover book printing generally requires the proper skills in order that the hardcover book created satisfies the industry standards. Using the new technology which is constantly being developed, there are definitely more hardcover books getting written and published. These kind of hardcover books are generally published on masse. Prior to the hardcover book printer was released in the nineteenth century, hardcover book printing and publishing would have been a extremely slow-moving procedure that produced hardcover books readily available only to the top level in society. In the present day publishing isn't a reserve of the wealthy but also the everyday individual could involve in it so long as the requirements are fulfilled. There isn't any restriction on the amount of hardcover books that you could create since the population is constantly on the rise not like in days gone by. Every home will need to have access to hardcover books.

There are numerous hardcover book producing solutions which are carried out. A lot of them consist of the following-
Hardcover book publishing and binding - hardcover book printing is the procedure in which multiple copies of your hardcover book will be printed. The hardcover books produced have the equivalent content material and look the same. However hardcover book binding is glueing of the pages of the hardcover book together to make sure that one document is created. There are numerous varieties of binding and the process you might pick is going to be determined on the durability you would like your final hardcover book to possess. Be sure that the material you make use of for binding is sufficiently strong so your pages in the hardcover book stay intact for a long period. This may help you save money and time in order that you don't waste purchasing an additional hardcover book or maybe binding it yet again.

Spiral binding - With this style of binding, the binder uses a spiral - like wire to bind the hardcover book pages. This really is one of the most frequently used ways of binding hardcover books at present. Additionally, it definitely is the least expensive. The hardcover book publishing price is dramatically reduced when it comes to spiral binding and can save lots of money.

Hardcover book binding - It's a process that's usually applied to smaller hardcover book containing less pages. A good example of this kind of binding may be the note hardcover books and journals, whereby the binding is performed together with stitches having an suitable thread so that the pages can't pulled out very easily.

Hard cover hardcover book binding Hard cover is definitely a wise decision since it keeps your pages neat and they just don't easily be removed. Ensure that you take care of the hardcover books properly to enable them to last for long. Store them away from dampness to prevent any kind of harm to them.

Printing and Designing School Yearbooks

School yearbooks printing are a great thing to have and created and designed for the sole purpose of memories. With a school yearbook, you will be able to remember all of the good and even the bad times you had during that period of your life. Even if school wasn't your favorite few years, it is still good to have the memories that come along with a yearbook.

Tons of work is put into the school yearbook printing to make sure that they look good and are worth buying. A yearbook that is put together last-minute will definitely not be the best. The yearbook committee for the school, often consisting of students and some staff members, put in many hours to put these yearbooks together so that you will have memories at your fingertips.

A staff member of the school who is also involved with the yearbook committee or a student will take tons of pictures during the year to post into the yearbook. These pictures will be taken during all of the important events that take place throughout the school year. Pictures are like stories which is why they are so important to have, especially in a school yearbook printing.

The yearbook is not put together in the last month of school and is actually worked on throughout the entire year. The photographer takes pictures each month of different activities and these pictures are placed in the yearbook on different pages. Picture day is a special day for each student to have their picture taken by a photographer who comes to the school to take the pictures. Your photograph will be places inside of the yearbook along with all of the other students from you grade and sometimes the underclassmen will be included in the yearbook too. Having pictures of these students is a great way to remember all of the people who were once in your life.

The yearbook committee club will also work on a design for the yearbook. The book may be softback or hardback although hardback is preferred, especially for school yearbook printing. Hardback books tend to last better and are far more durable than paperback books.

The color of the book as well as the pages inside the book will vary depending upon what the students of the yearbook committee want. In many instances, the committee will use the school colors or the mascot that represents the school for the design. school yearbooks printing are fun to make but they also take plenty of effort and can cost quite a bit of money to put together. When you buy a yearbook, you are helping your school out while also buying something that you will be able to cherish forever. Once you buy the yearbook, it is yours to have for as long as you want to keep it.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Smart Way of Promotion

What is the general meaning of manual or how can it be elaborated in simple context? Generally speaking, manuals are small leaflets, which present your customers an inclusive inventory of elements about your products, and set of instructions launch into how to maneuver the mentioned products, appliance, gadget, or device.

There are five major components in designing an effective manual, including outlines, table of contents, headings/subheadings, images, and fonts. Firstly, you should make brief and to the point outlines for your manuals that will capture the attention of your audience. Secondly, add a table of contents, as this will immensely help the people to quickly go through the topic that is of main concern to them. Another good habit in manuals printing is to make use of headings and subheadings.

Therefore, you must exercise your creative as well as technical writing skills. Next you must use images for understanding the manuals in a better manner. Last but not least is to use self-explanatory fonts, as these will captivate the attention of general public.

There are some important types of manuals, such as user, service, software, owners, hardware, car, trade, motorcycle, technical, trouble-shooting, operation, test and schematics manuals. These days, stacks of companies are getting advantage from these types of manuals, in order to enhance their business. It mainly includes: IT industries, business tycoons, leather industries, automobiles companies, NGOs, DVDs stores, books stores, etc.

Why do the people like manuals so very much? This is basically because of full color manuals printing scheme that will allow the people to choose their likely colors, such as red, green, blue, pink, black, yellow, orange or whatever they want. Nowadays, masses of companies are offering full color schemes, for their valued customers worldwide. This has brought the companies into a competitive edge. Moreover people have become very smart about their choices. They choose the services of those companies, which fulfill their desires according to the modern day business needs.

high importance in logo designing

Let’s now talk about the color choices. As it’s widely believed the color is a very important communicator that has a greater deal of impact. Being closely related to presenting key values of a company, color options should be carefully considered. To create a meaningful and concept-driven logo, it’s reasonable to make a thorough color study since the choice of logo coloring will have a ripple effect throughout all of the corporate material. Remember that the color may have that energy and boldness which can help separate the project against the bland competitors.

Start off first in black and white to ensure that the logo will look good in its simplest form. It is highly important to see that the logo design works in mono format, because usually the logo itself is used in a huge range of mediums, including those which require it to be reproduced at small scale and in limited colors, for example as a one-color element for photocopying, faxing and other usage.

As your logo would appear in a variety of environments embracing advertising, signage, stationery, packaging, make sure you explore your logo in one, two and three color versions.

Another thing you need to be careful about as you consider color options is a value. We all know that the psychology and impressions that each color gives can dramatically alter the message and overall appeal of a design. So if you create the logo for an elite company, for instance, it must somehow reflect on the chic and stylish choice in the color tones. You may tend to use a rich variety of colors to have a gorgeous palette. That’s where the catch is. When it comes to the media that only allow one or two colors, this can unfavorably alter the tone and intended message of a brand. The key point therefore is not to use more than three colors in logo designing.

Benefits of Customized Folder Printing

Folder printing has been in practice since an unknown time as the demand for folders has constantly been there since many years. The folders are a vital component of every work place as well as home. They are sure to be found everywhere we go. They are used at homes for holding personal documents and papers. People use them for holding utility bills, certificates, medical records, insurance policies, property documents, legal documents, or just about anything else. They are utilized at educational institutions for maintaining student's and teacher's record. They are used for holding admission forms, fee record, academic record, legal documents or just about anything. The educational institutions especially schools make use of file folders for holding the examination papers and results of different students and they are often handed over to the parents to keep them informed about their child's profess in the school.

There was no concept of folder printing in the past as people found no difficulty in buying pre printed folders from local stationery and book shops. These pre printed folders can still be found at local shops but they are less in demand as compared to the customized folders. The advent of online printing companies made it possible for all to get cheap customized printed folders for their business requirements without compromising on the quality. They have not only made cheap customized folders but have also introduced many new types of folders which are printed according to the purpose of use. The most commonly used type of folders are the business file folders. They are also known as multipurpose folders. People utilize business file folders for holding all kinds of documents that include loose papers as well as bound ones.

The other types of folders printed in custom folder printing include presentation folders, pocket folders, certificate folders, tri panel folders, legal folders, letter folders, a4 folders, landscape folders, portrait folders and fancy folders. The best thing about customized folders is that they can be printed according to personalized requirements. You can include your customized folders with additional CD slits, Business Card slits, Pockets or just about anything. The customized folders are also often printed with embossed logo and name for a more professional and attractive appearance. They are designed and printed with colors which are in accordance with the company's logo color and its theme. Some people get their custom folders UV coated for additional durability and water resistance.

The online printing companies offer cheap folder printing services by making use of the latest fully automatic printing equipment which requires the minimum use of man power for operating. There are many reputed online printing companies that specialize in the printing of folders. PrintWeekIndia is among the leading online printing companies that specialize in all kinds of folder printing including pocket folders printing . They make use of the latest full color CMYK/PMS printing process. PrintWeekIndia offers free design support, free unlimited design revisions, free shipping and handling of your folder printing orders at your doorsteps in minimum business turnaround time.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Personalized Stickers have Long-term Benefits

Design your logo sticker, Name Sticker or Personalized Sticker and get it printed in full color, and stick it to your car as bumper stickers and equipment or other personal property as custom decals. Give it to your friends to place them at their business places. Stick it any other prominently visible place of interest that allows it. Full color nicely designed personalized stickers convey your name and message over few years to people. Add your personal website address or contact detail and wow, now you have provided means to contact you. It could be the lowest cost advertisement you ever come across.

Personal stickers can be printed as clear vinyl stickers or even as bumper stickers. If you want to convert them as decals then you may like to use embossed foil stickers or custom decals. As long as your personalized stickers are attention grabbing, their advertising value remains constant.

You must be thinking how do I design them or where do I get them printed in full color with lamination for outdoor use?

First, you would need high resolution file at a minimum of 300 dpi for full color printing. Choose a company that offers Free Proof or Free File Review for your soft file in case you need to make changes.

Second, you need to find a good online printing company that offers instant online price quote for a full color printed sticker with lamination. Do not forget to add gloss lamination for extended life in outdoor use as non-laminated stickers may fade away quickly. Be careful in choice of the online printing company that specialize in sticker printing or in window stickers and decals printing. Remember, there are companies out there which offer all these services with no job set-up charges. That last point is worth noting, as you may get these goodies, but some companies will try charging you job set-up charges, which effectively is a different name for the same items.

Finally you need to make sure that you get decent price quote for your custom printed stickers. The price should be one you can easily afford. Do not stretch your budget. You can always re-order your cheap decals anytime when your budget allows. If you are convinced about personalized stickers or vinyl stickers printing in general, there are special full color highly reflective hologram stickers that would shine your name if you are willing to pay little extra.

Print Carbonless Forms by online printing company

Want your receipts and documents to look more professional and polished? Then, go for online printing company’s online carbonless forms printing. For businesses that often issue important papers, it is just right to make these documents appear presentable. This is important because these are distributed to your customers – meaning, these also play a role on how your clients will make an impression about your business.

Let your NCR Forms help you in organizing your files and achieving your marketing objectives by choosing the right online printing partner to get the job done. Here at commercial printing company, you can choose a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 sheets. They offer wide selection of size options to suit your budget and brand image.

Enjoy a worry-free business forms printing experience with the available services they provide. They offer numbering, hole drilling and binding of forms. You can also take advantage of our free services such as file proofing and downloading a template to make the most out of the price you’ll pay.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Color Printed Static Clings and Window Clings

Static cling as its name suggests hanging the window glass static. No glue is required. This opens a lot of possibilities. If you are a small business who are concerned about the cleanliness of the spot of glue after removing a screen sticky, static or window static cling stickers provide a quick and affordable solution for neat exhibit their offers, promotions, descriptions product service.

In fact, decals, window decals or custom vinyl static cling as they are sometimes called are printed in full color are so attractive that may increase the value of your product exposure. Research has shown that customers tend to spend more time on screen and printed color effect memory retention is much higher. However, it does not automatically mean that one color, two colors printed clings lose its appeal. If solid areas of color print correctly, one-color and two-color static clings and custom windows decals can also be equally useful attention grabbing effect.

Select custom window cling size that best fits your message or ad content. Choose 1, 2.3 clings static colors or full color custom stickers window clings printing to maximize contrast. You can use clear static clings, clings blurry or dull. However, in case of clear or see through clinging, you must be careful how you choose your color scheme: printed text and images must be color highlighted to produce maximum contrast for better viewing. Do not forget to add white substrate behind the printed surface. Most printers would target substrate as an additional color and charge you extra for that. However, you can easily find online printing company that offers white base or background, as part of the window clings and static clings printing. As such, it would be charged extra.

The most important person than your graphic artist is the printer that will print your static clings and window clings. In the choice of print provider, look for online printing company that offer instant price estimate online, free trial and competitive prices. With a little research, you can find company that offers these features and other value as free shrink-wrap and free shipping. Think of production time and communicate with your online printing company through email before granting its static clings, window clings and custom window stickers Printing work.

Finally do not compromise on print quality for vinyl clings and window clings. This is the first row displays for their products.

Different Techniques for Printing Christmas Cards

Sending Christmas cards is one of the most economical, yet effective way of greeting and obliging your near and dear ones on the festive occasion of Christmas. Sending greeting cards by the companies to clients, potential customers and employees is the best way to oblige them by showing respect and concern towards them. One more advantage of sending x-mas cards is that Christmas and New Year are two big festivals celebrated world wide and are considered to be the best time for launching new products or services and providing special discounts on various offers. Therefore, the printing of these cards play a major role in enhancing the image of the company or brand.

The most commonly used techniques used for printing Christmas card or business card are embossing printing, degassing printing, lamination printing, varnish printing, foil stamp printing, thermographic printing, die cut printing, letter pressing, screen printing, offset printing and digital printing. All types of printing methods have their own characteristic features and uses.

* Embossing technique is used to create a raised impression on the paper. It involves making of a metal plate and a counter. The plate is mounted on a press and the paper sheet is stamped between the plate and counter which forces a push on the plate, thus, creating the impression. There are 2 types of embossing techniques, namely, dry embossing and heat embossing. Debossing technique creates a depressed impression on the paper. Both these techniques (embossing and debossing) are used for making a 3D effect on the paper.
* Lamination printing can make glossy, dull and satin effect on the paper.
* Varnish printing involves the use of a liquid coating applied to a printed surface for glossy, matte, satin and neutral finish.
* Foil stamp printing is used where metal look (either gold or silver) is required and a foil layer is affixed by heating process. Many Christmas cards bear the foil print bold text letters for highlighting the main content.
* Thermo graphic printing produces raised effect in printing similar to engraving using a powder which is added to the ink to be used for printing. The mixture of print ink and powder is then heated and dried which makes a raised effect on the paper.
* Die cut method involves cutting of different shapes and sizes of the paper sheet using a dye. Dyes can also be custom made as per specific requirements.
* Letter pressing technique is one of the most traditional methods used for printing in which a surface with raised letters are inked and pressed to the surface of the substrate for producing an image in reverse.
* Digital method is used for printing photographic and tonal graphics with good number of colors as per the color combination requirements. With its advanced technology and color mangagment softwares, this method provides scope for wider color range and finer printing quality.
* Offset printing is also called lithographic printing which involves printing by indirect transfer using metal or paper plate for inking a rubber cylinder that transfers ink on to the paper.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

On your products Bottle Neckers Printing

Bottle neckers were put into living, way before anyone thought it to be. It's learn that first Egyptians, used such forerunners to Bottle neckers, as labeling to their medicinal units and vials. The very purpose of these labeling merchandise has evolved leaps and bounds and is now more an advertising and marketing strategy than its perpetual art associated with labeling. Today, Bottle neckers are the way to attract customers and give discounts, on locations that are best noticed, the merchandise themselves. As it is foreseen, the art of customizing Bottle neckers have been about for long as a concept of marketing mantra. Chirp as a result of know how you can bend this fervor to enhance up your business, to meet customers and possess a proud-to-be balance sheet.

Bottleneckers can be found in various shapes and sizes; the sky is not even polite to be the reduce. The primary aspect of personalizing your Bottleneckers is the type of it. Your business emblem is an excellent way to form your Bottle neckers. Machine cut, computer aided design will be sold at no point notice to offer solutions to your needs. One more suggestion would be to opt for the kind of information you're dissipating in these neckers, to form them. Say, the wine bottle at Forty per cent discount, promoted in the cut of a wine holder or the bottle itself is any palpable idea to go about using. The size is another a valuable thing to wrap your grey cells about. Always exercise obvious judgment to take in the dimensions of the product, and how considerably shadowing it could history with itself. The suggestive measurements differ from over 2'' to 15'', custom figures on any scale is always welcome aboard.

The image art on the Bottleneckers is worth the hassle to say the least. The purpose of the whole customers are to convey something on your customer. You can choose from our daunting assortment of templates, for your bottlenecker's style. You, the customer, may also choose tweak many of the features of the template models to arrive on the protect art you have your eye upon. Have a wonderful visual of the layout? Just turn in, along with your suggestions and ideas and let our experts work their magic for you. Customization is at its peak, if the customer tells us precisely what they want. You can just publish your design along with let us print the idea for you, save yourself the problems and the worries which go with it.

The perforations on the Bottle Neckers Printing is an indomitable part of the print job, the convention being rounded divots, all shapes are available from online printing company. Just let us do it on the best rates, in the best imaginable high quality for you

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What They Are and How to Choose Them

Most books we choose because we are interested in a story or idea that we associate with them and we want to read about it. However, coffee table books are less about reading, and more about decoration, impact and creating a statement about yourself, your interests and your home. These books are not for private consumption, although of course you can enjoy them too. They are a public display just as much as any of the other furnishings in your home. They make a statement about you.

Whilst a novel may take us hours to plough through, coffee table books are designed to dip in and out of, to be consumed in small, bite size chunks. In many cases the images are actually more important than the words, photographs and pictures are easier to digest in the small snippets of time that guests may have to look at them whilst you are out of the room or otherwise distracted. The best coffee table books are the ones that reflect something about you, whether it be the place that you live, destinations that you have travelled to, or interests and hobbies that you have. However, if you are really stumped for ideas the following may be a good starting point.

Pick large books, but ones that will not be out of place on your coffee table. You may want to have 2 or 3 on the same table so select books that work well together in terms of size, colour and theme.

Books about photography interest everyone. Virtually every well known photographer now publishes coffee table books that showcase their work. However, if you have small children or guests that are easily offended always flick through these books before putting them on display. Your idea of the fine line between art and unacceptable may be different to a photographer's.

Vogue magazine also now publishes a selection of coffee table books with pictures and illustrations stretching back through the life of the magazine. These can make visually interesting choices. Books about homes are another universally appealing choice. Many books showcase photographs of different styles of houses i.e. beach houses, city apartments, loft apartments etc.

Travel books of destinations where you have recently travelled are a great choice as they serve as a reminder of your trip whilst also helping to stimulate conversation with your guests. Similarly, books with old photographs of the area in which you live can be fascinating. Another interesting coffee table idea is to create photo books of your family. Many photo printing companies will now make these for you, allowing you to choose the size and format that suits you best. Pictures of a holiday, one year in your families life, great successes etc are all good choices as a starting point. These can also make great gifts for other family members.

Whichever coffee table books you choose remember one simple fact. If the books you choose are interesting and beautiful to you, they probably will be to other people too.

Choosing the Best Bookmark Printing Ideas

Bookmarks have become one of the best business marketing methods today. They help investors to promote their businesses to prospective customers economically. However, for you to enjoy the full benefit of using these promotion materials, you have to ensure that they are of the highest quality. That is the only way you can be assured of making your investment more visible. So if you are planning to market your business, you should consider using bookmark printing. There are many benefits of using this method of marketing. For instance, bookmarks are known to have an intrinsic value which is often overlooked. They will continue attracting more customers to your business for a long time.

However, before you start printing your bookmarks it is important to ensure that you they are professionally designed. This requires you to take time to choose the best designs for your bookmarks. Luckily, there are a numerous designs that you can choose for your bookmarks. You can also hire a professional printing expert for your project. However, this will require you to spend a considerable amount of money. What is more, some printing companies are only interested in making a quick buck and will therefore provide you with low quality bookmarks. That is why it is important to learn a few tips on successful bookmark printing. Here are some of the important factors that you need to take into account whenever you are panning to print promotion tags:

Determine the right size: The size of your tags is normally determined by their function, the message to be included and the amount of money you intend to cough up. If you intend to outsource your bookmark printing, make sure that the individual you hire is in a position to offer tags in a wide range of sizes.

Choose the best type of paper: If you really want your tags to be effective, then you need to ensure that they are of high quality. To achieve this, you have to choose high quality papers for your tags. The good thing is that there are numerous types of high quality printing papers that can help you to produce attractive and durable bookmarks.

Pick out the best design: When you are designing your tags it is important to go for designs that suit your theme and objectives. They should also reflect the real image of your business. Ensure that you choose the best content, images, and colors for your bookmarks.

Choose the best type of paper: If you really want your tags to be effective, then you need to ensure that they are of high quality. To achieve this, you have to choose high quality papers for your tags. The good thing is that there are numerous types of high quality printing papers that can help you to produce attractive and durable bookmarks.

Pick out the best design: When you are designing your tags it is important to go for designs that suit your theme and objectives. They should also reflect the real image of your business. Ensure that you choose the best content, images, and colors for your bookmarks.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Customized Calendar Printing Alternatives

Given that calendars are used for maintaining a examine around the dates, days, weeks, and months on the year, they are extensively utilized by most of the organizations and organizations for marketing their products and services. Providers and businesses use calendars for expressing their appreciation in direction of their loyal consumers because the new year Calendar begins. They might be employed by people as perfect holiday present item for loved ones members and friends. Customized calendars featuring individual household photos are a different yet appreciable present merchandise that not just replicate a touch of personalization, but also, makes the concept of calendar far more intriguing. Any provider or business enterprise will be benefited from personalized calendars that offer you yr lengthy promotional capabilities for their products and services.

Distribution of calendars by the organizations to their prospects, potential clients and employees mark a huge constructive impression around the recipients. Other utility functions for which calendars are employed might be for keeping a verify on the crucial dates and scheduling of day-to-day actions. Distinctive kinds of calendar forms contain spiral bound, saddle stitched, desk calendar, wallet calendar, web page bookmarks calendar and so on.

Plenty of on the net printing companies supply personalize designing services for calendar printing. Other stationery goods like business card and letterheads may also be tailored and designed as per the requirement and tastes of the customer. A large number of offline printing providers have expert graphic designers for helping the customers using the item development and designing. A number of paper qualities like glossy, matte, laminated, textured and handmade are utilized for generating calendars. Numerous varieties of paper excess weight and paper complete characteristics are utilized for generating different types of calendars.

Shoppers seeking personalized calendars could make their very own styled and created calendars on the net. Printing firms that function around the internet also permit the prospects to upload their photos and create then within the template format of calendar pages. The customer can supply private pictures and photographs or select from the wide array of stock picture gallery provided because of the printing firm. Choice of colours, graphics, fonts and types are immense and customer can select as per the necessity and require. The font dimensions utilised inside the calendars should be daring enough to become easily readable from an suitable distance and also the color in the font should certainly not be too light.

There are several designing software purposes for consumers who desire to make their very own customized stationery things. Laptop or computer programs like adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator, coral draw along with other developing and printing softwares is usually applied for creating unique designer stationery items. These apps not only allow the use of special results and compositing, but also, give modifying and formatting functions. Generally, photographic and high tonal images are printed with digital printing method that helps in reaching high-end print excellent results. Calendar print making use of digital technique entails the use of laptop operated printing system which could print the desired output at a comparatively improved pace as in comparison to other printing strategies. Other methods which are employed for calendar printing are offset printing, display printing, die cut approach, foil stamping, varnish printing, embossing and debossing technique and thermographic printing.

Custom CD Jackets Printing Solution

Compact Discs or CDs are among the most widely used media storage devices. Due to their large data storage capacity and good results, they are among the most preferred choices for data transfer and medial storage. CDs are also used for music storage and they are universal default standard for music media. Millions of people all over the world buy CDs of their favourite movie and music stars. Due to ever increasing media presence across the globe, the marketing potential of CD jackets has increased exponentially.

Music stars and digital media companies can use custom CD jackets in their favour, in order to gain maximum marketing leverage and get their business promoted. Whether you are a business or an individual, you can use compact disc covers in your favour. Custom CD sleeves are the best tool for you, to introduce you and your business. You can not only use them for promoting your business identity but also can utilize them in order to generate more revenue for you. You can help your valued customers by getting printed custom CD jackets as they will help them find out you and your services along with enjoying the music inside the disk.

You can consult many online printing companies, which offer cd jacket printing solutions. Their comprehensive printing solutions can best be used as your potential marketing tools, which can serve you in achieving the long term benefits. The cd jackets can be in many sizes such as 2 panels, 4 panels and 6 panels CD jacket. The size can be decided keeping the needs and objectives in mind. A good thing about CD jacket Printing is that, you can avail fully customization facilities. This means that you can customize size, colour, content, shape, panels, colour schemes and lamination etc.

Moreover, these services are available free of cost with multiple discount offers. Many potential printing companies offer the CD sleeve printing services on discounted prices, along with free customization and lamination services. The high quality printing equipment is used in order to ensure the fulfilment of custom orders, according to the demanded specifications. The qualified designers use their creative minds and latest technological tools to get you printed the best of the products you order. The extreme care and attention given by the designers and printing companies is essential prerequisite for the best quality CD jackets.

There are four components in every printed item, i.e. colour, content, design and paper, and all of these can be customized. Moreover, the embossing or debossing options are also available, in order to make your CD jackets more attractive. You can give your mission statement and get your logo and helpline number printed on the jackets, in order to give comprehensive facilitation to the customers. Once you place the order with any good company, they fulfil your order with extreme care and also provide free shipment anywhere in the world. So, use these facilities and get your custom CD jackets printed to promote your business and enhance the prospects of your growth in the future.