Sunday, 27 January 2013

Color Printed Static Clings and Window Clings

Static cling as its name suggests hanging the window glass static. No glue is required. This opens a lot of possibilities. If you are a small business who are concerned about the cleanliness of the spot of glue after removing a screen sticky, static or window static cling stickers provide a quick and affordable solution for neat exhibit their offers, promotions, descriptions product service.

In fact, decals, window decals or custom vinyl static cling as they are sometimes called are printed in full color are so attractive that may increase the value of your product exposure. Research has shown that customers tend to spend more time on screen and printed color effect memory retention is much higher. However, it does not automatically mean that one color, two colors printed clings lose its appeal. If solid areas of color print correctly, one-color and two-color static clings and custom windows decals can also be equally useful attention grabbing effect.

Select custom window cling size that best fits your message or ad content. Choose 1, 2.3 clings static colors or full color custom stickers window clings printing to maximize contrast. You can use clear static clings, clings blurry or dull. However, in case of clear or see through clinging, you must be careful how you choose your color scheme: printed text and images must be color highlighted to produce maximum contrast for better viewing. Do not forget to add white substrate behind the printed surface. Most printers would target substrate as an additional color and charge you extra for that. However, you can easily find online printing company that offers white base or background, as part of the window clings and static clings printing. As such, it would be charged extra.

The most important person than your graphic artist is the printer that will print your static clings and window clings. In the choice of print provider, look for online printing company that offer instant price estimate online, free trial and competitive prices. With a little research, you can find company that offers these features and other value as free shrink-wrap and free shipping. Think of production time and communicate with your online printing company through email before granting its static clings, window clings and custom window stickers Printing work.

Finally do not compromise on print quality for vinyl clings and window clings. This is the first row displays for their products.

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