Tuesday, 12 March 2013

high importance in logo designing

Let’s now talk about the color choices. As it’s widely believed the color is a very important communicator that has a greater deal of impact. Being closely related to presenting key values of a company, color options should be carefully considered. To create a meaningful and concept-driven logo, it’s reasonable to make a thorough color study since the choice of logo coloring will have a ripple effect throughout all of the corporate material. Remember that the color may have that energy and boldness which can help separate the project against the bland competitors.

Start off first in black and white to ensure that the logo will look good in its simplest form. It is highly important to see that the logo design works in mono format, because usually the logo itself is used in a huge range of mediums, including those which require it to be reproduced at small scale and in limited colors, for example as a one-color element for photocopying, faxing and other usage.

As your logo would appear in a variety of environments embracing advertising, signage, stationery, packaging, make sure you explore your logo in one, two and three color versions.

Another thing you need to be careful about as you consider color options is a value. We all know that the psychology and impressions that each color gives can dramatically alter the message and overall appeal of a design. So if you create the logo for an elite company, for instance, it must somehow reflect on the chic and stylish choice in the color tones. You may tend to use a rich variety of colors to have a gorgeous palette. That’s where the catch is. When it comes to the media that only allow one or two colors, this can unfavorably alter the tone and intended message of a brand. The key point therefore is not to use more than three colors in logo designing.

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